Mental Health and Substance Use Support

Face to face, telephone and online counselling

  • Grief Line

    Melbourne Metro - (03) 9935 7400 National - 1300 845 745 12pm - 3am, 7 days/week Telephone and online support, as well as in home counselling, if you are experiencing distress related to grief or loss including suicide. Services in English and some alternate languages.
  • PANDA (Post and Antenatal Depression Association)

    National - 1300 726 306 Mon – Fri, 9am - 7pm Crisis support and referral information specific to postnatal and antenatal depression. This service is helpful for mothers, partners, family and friends.
  • ArcVic OCD and Anxiety Helpline

    1300 269 438 (free) or (03) 9830 0533 Mon – Fri, 10am - 4pm The telephone HelpLine provides support, information and referral to people with anxiety disorders and their families and carers, and mental health care providers.
  • Family Drug Help

    1300 660 068 Monday to Friday, 9am to to 9pm Help line for information and support, for family and carers of those with substance use issues. for further information related to family support options and email counselling support
  • Relationships Australia

    1300 364 277 Monday to Friday, 9am to to 9pm Relationship related stress for individual, group and family counselling and referral options. The service includes support for family violence and aggression issues. Help is provided to individuals, families, victims, and perpetrators. There is also telephone counselling for regional areas available for further information and to locate your closes clinic
  • Maternal Child and Health Line

    13 22 29 Families with children birth to school age. Support and guidance for parenting and maternal and child health issues.
  • Parentline Victoria

    13 22 89 Open 8am to midnight 7 days a week Telephone counselling, referral and advice related to parenting and child mental and physical health needs for parents of children birth to 18 years. They also have information about parenting groups around victoria.

Alternate Counselling Options

  • Australian Psychological Society

    A professional association for Psychologists. They provide an online service called ‘find a psychologist’ to help you locate other psychologists with specific specialities and areas of practice. This is similar to a yellow pages for psychologists
  • Youth Substance Alcohol Service (YSAS)

    1800 458 685 (24 hour free YoDAA Line) YSAS provides a range of programs and services for young people aged 12 to 21 years who are experiencing significant problems related to their alcohol or drug use. They provide counselling, outreach services, home based and residential withdrawal programs, and residential rehabilitation services. They have services across metropolitan and regional victoria. See for further contacts and details
  • Inner East Drug and Alcohol Service – Youth Services

    Goldie - 9810 3084 Tom - 9810 3080 Free individual counselling for youth 12 – 21 years of age Booroondarra region
  • Adult Drug and Alcohol Support

    A new AOD treatment system commenced from September 2015. A number of agencies and local services have combined and will share the delievery of most services. The first step is to contact the local intake team for your area – see information below. They will have a chat about your options, what services may suit, and advise where they are provided. When you call you will be directed to a service in your local area, however you are welcome to request to access support from a service in another area. They will help you link with a range of support including, Assessment, Individual and family counselling, residential and in home withdrawal (detox) support, rehabilitation programs, group programs, medication support for AOD difficulties, needle syringe programs, and forensic counselling
    Melbourne’s North and West and Inner Metro Regions central intake
    (1800 700 514) 9am-3pm Mon to Fri. This is a partnership of Uniting Care Regen and Odessey House Victoria See for further contacts and details
    Inner East central Intake
    (1800 778 278) 10am-4pm Mon to Fri This is a partnership between Eastern Health Turning Point, Inner East Drug and Alcohol Service, MonashLink Community Health and Salvo Care Eastern See for further contacts and details
  • Headspace

    Hawthorn - (03) 9006 6500 Collingwood - (03) 9417 0150 Knox - (03) 9801 6088 Brimbank area (03) 9091 8222 Face to Face, telephone, and online Counselling Support or Youth aged 12-25yo and concerned family and friends. The also provide support for issues related to study and work decisions. Telephone counselling 1800 650 890 or referral information For online counselling see See for further contacts and details
  • ATAPS Suicide Prevention program

    Free priority counselling support for suicidal or at risk clients over 8 week period. First appointment within 72 hours Yarra Region - 1800 859 585 Care in Mind provides a 24 Hour Support / Referral via the After Hours Support Service including linkage to suicide prevention program. Brimbank Region - (03) 8379 9909 GP must fax referral to 9689 4544 24hour support line provided to client after they are accepted into the program. West Footscray – 96894566 Central West Business Park, 9 Ashley Street Gisborne Office 5/50 Aitken Street, Gisborne 3437
  • ATAPS Child Counselling

    Free short term counselling up to 12 sessions for at risk children under 12yo. Requires GP referral Yarra Region – Care in Mind (03) 9347 1188 or 1800 859 585 (24hr) Brimbank Region - 8379 9909 or fax referral to (03) 9689 4544 West Footscray – 96894566 Central West Business Park, 9 Ashley Street Gisborne Office 5/50 Aitken Street, Gisborne 3437
  • ATAPS Generalist Counselling

    Free short term counselling up to 12 session for adults on low income. Requires a GP referral Yarra Region – Care in Mind (03) 9347 1188 Brimbank Region - 8379 9909 or fax referral to (03) 9689 4544 West Footscray – 96894566 Central West Business Park, 9 Ashley Street Gisborne Office 5/50 Aitken Street, Gisborne 3437
  • Australian Counselling Association (ACA)

    A National progressive professional peak association of counsellors and psychotherapists. Go to ‘find a counsellor’ to search for a registered counsellor at
  • University Psychology Clinics

    Many Victorian Universities have counselling and psychology clinics available to support students and the public with individual counselling, group programs, and neuropsychological assessments. Counselling is normally free or low cost to the public. If you are a student, it may be helpful to look at your university’s resources. Please see below list for contact numbers and websites of some major universities psychology clinics and group program information
    Swinburne University
    (03) 9214 8653 Mon- Fri, 9am – 9pm, Sat 9am - 1pm Email -
    Latrobe University
    (03) 9479 2150 Mon – Fri, 9am - 5pm
    Victoria University
    (03) 9919 2353
    RMIT University
    (03) 9925 7603 Mon – Fri, 10am - 2pm Email -
    Melbourne University
    (03) 9035 5180 Mon – Fri, 9am - 5pm Email -
    Australian Catholic University
    (03) 9953 3006 Mon – Fri, 9am - 5pm Email -

Violence and Abuse Support Services

  • The Women's Domestic Violence Crisis Service

    (03) 9322 3555 or Freecall: 1800 015 188 A 24-hour/7 days per week telephone service providing support, information and accommodation for women and children fleeing family violence
  • Centre Against Sexual Assault (CASA)

    1800 806 292 Support for women, men, and children who are victims or survivors of sexual assault. They provide information, counselling, and referral support for recent and past sexual assault issues See for further information and to locate your closest centre
  • Victorian Centres against Sexual Assault and the After Hours Sexual Assault Crisis Line

    1800 806 292 A free confidential 24 hour emergency or crisis care service for victim/survivors who have recently been sexually assaulted. They may assist with counselling and medical support
  • No to Violence – Men’s

    1800 065 973 For men who want assistance as perpetrators of violence. For partners, family and friends seeking support for male perpetrators.
  • 1800 Respect

    1800 737 732 A national sexual and physical assault, counselling, and support line. For all clients including indigenous, linguistically diverse, youth, and disabled. For those who have been victims or are at risk of harm
  • The Aboriginal Family Violence Prevention and Legal Service

    1800 105 303 or (03) 9244 3333 Assistance to victims of family violence and sexual assault
  • Immigrant Women’s Domestic Violence Service

    1800 755 988 Mon-Fri, 9am – 5pm Specialist support for women who are immigrants and victims of family violence

Online Programs

Please note – the below online and phone apps may be helpful self help tools. Please note that research into the effectiveness of online programs and apps is limited. These are not suggested as more effective or in place of direct professional support. However you may find these helpful in addition to working with a professional and to support your treatment. Please speak with your professional supports regarding the usefulness of these programs to support your own recovery

  • My compass – run by the black dog institute

    An interactive self-help online program for people 18 years or older that aims to promote resilience, wellbeing, and good mental health. It also provides modules designed to help manage mild to moderate stress, anxiety, and depression
  • MoodGYM

    an interactive program run by the Australian National University offering free cognitive behavioral therapy self help support and prevention for depression and anxiety
  • Centre for Clinical Intervention

    They have a number of self help work books which can be down loaded. Work books are provided for a number of difficulties including, anxiety, mood, and eating disorders, self esteem, relaxation and stress management

Mobile Applications

  • Mobile Applications

    Details... Coming Soon